Bruker의 NPFLEX 3D 표면 계측 시스템은 정형외과 의료 임플란트와 같은 대형샘플 및 항공우주자동차 및 정밀가공 산업에서 가장 유연한 비-접촉성 3D 면적 표면의 특성을 분석합니다. 또한 NPFLEX는 접촉성 기기장치에서 가능했던 것 이상으로 데이터 밀도해상도 및 반복 가능성을 제공합니다.


Measurement Capability
Non-contact, 3D, surface roughness, critical dimension, film thickness, tribology

Super long working distance objectives: 2X, 5X, 10X, with crash mitigation assembly;
Standard working distance objectives: 1.5X, 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X, 115X;
Optional through transmissive media objective kits;
Optional four-position turret

Field of View Multipliers
0.55X, 0.75X, 1X, 1.5X, 2X;
Auto-sensing motorized selector, discreet zoom

Light Source
Long-lifetime green and white LEDs

Measurable Sample Dimension
350 mm H (249 mm with automated stage); 304 mm D; 304 mm W

Stage Weight Load Capacity
≤50 kg (110 lbs)

Air Table Weight Load Capacity
77 kg (170 lbs)

Optical Assembly
Integrated computer-controlled illuminator;
Closed-loop precision vertical scanner

Camera Options
Standard resolution monochrome camera;
Standard resolution color camera;
High-resolution monochrome camera

Vertical Resolution
<0.1 nm  *As demonstrated by a Piezo PSI difference measurement on an SiC reference mirror, 10 averages per measurement and computed Sq.

RMS Repeatability
0.004 nm  *As demonstrated by taking the one sigma Sq value of 30 PSI repeatability measurements on an SiC reference mirror.

Step Height
0.75% accuracy; <0.12% 1 sigma repeatability

Lateral Spatial Sampling
Camera and optics dependent

Optical Resolution
0.33μm  *Based on Sparrow Criteria at 535 nm, 115X objective.

7.68 × 5.76 mm max, larger with stitching

172 cm H x 77 cm D x 81 cm W (67.6 in. H x 30.4 in. D x 32 in. W)

CE, NRTL, T-Mark, ROHS compliant, ANSI B46.1 compliant